Competencies are the skills, abilities and knowledge necessary for successful individual job performance and the successful achievement of organizational outcomes. A competencies approach to performance management has been gaining momentum in recent years precisely because it links individual performance to organizational goals and strategies.

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The SOLS Competencies Index for Public Library Staff is divided into 5 categories:

Each category is comprised of several skill sets.  For example, the Public Service category is comprised of the following nine skill sets:  Customer Service, Access Services, Adult Services, Programming & Outreach, Readers' Advisory, Reference, Patron Training, Children's Services, and Young Adult Services.


How to Use this Index

Library work is complex and constantly evolving.  It is crucial that libraries invest in continuous staff development

4 Steps to Create a Learning Path

Follow these steps to create a Learning Path that will guide your efforts to learn and grow over the coming year

Sample Profiles

Sample competencies profiles have been created to assist in the development of individualized profiles for some key staff positions or areas of responsibility


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