Provincial Licensing

Once a year, SOLS aggregates orders from libraries for a selection of e-resources products, to maximize discounts and expand the resources available to Ontarians.  SOLS then invoices libraries

Supplemental Licensing

These e-resources are offered annually as discounted purchases that libraries order individually, and participating vendors invoice libraries directly.

Consortia Canada

Consortia Canada

Products made available through SOLS’s participation in country-wide Consortia Canada offers. Licenses for these products are negotiated between the participating vendors and the lead consortium for each offer.

Need help choosing e-resources products?

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Download our E-resources Evaluation Forms. 

They list all the available products and give some criteria to help you make decisions.

  • Ordering for Provincial Licensing runs from Sept. 21 – Oct. 30, 2020.
  • Ordering for Supplemental Licensing runs from Sept. 28 – Nov. 13, 2020.
  • Each year, libraries need to place orders for all products, even if purchasing the same products as last year.
  • Pricing quoted to SOLS by vendors is final, and individual libraries should not be offered off-list pricing. Should you have a different experience with any participating vendor, feel free to contact Beth Harding, as this practice undermines the value and purpose of a consortial purchasing program.
  • Pricing based on population served will use the 2016 Census Data again this year. 
  • Pricing based on the number of cardholders or circulation data will use the 2018 Ontario Public Library Statistics as provided by the Ministry.

Quick Facts - E-resources Licensing

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Want to become an e-resources vendor?

Submission for new vendors is now open for the Supplemental Licensing Program.  For information on SOLS' licensing programs, please contact Beth Harding.


For any account or technical issues with your provincial licenses, please see our list of vendor technical contacts.

The Professional Resources in Learn HQ have a Technology guide with a detailed “E-resources” section, with helpful information on selecting, organizing, managing and providing access to to digital resources.

LearnHQ also offers learning opportunities in Collection Management Skills Development.

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