How to Mail Loans

Library Materials Rate & Shipping Tool

Library Materials Rate is a reduced postal rate available for library materials that are mailed by a library to its patrons, or to another library for patron use.   The service is accessible to recognized public libraries, academic libraries, or other libraries maintained by non-profit organizations or associations and which are for public use in Canada.  

Please use the Library Shipping Tool to access Library Book Rate:

Printing Mailing Labels using the Library Shipping Tool

At the log-in screen, enter your CULC assigned username and password. Password is only necessary for login.  Note: You must now enter dimensions (in centimeters) of shipment on the label.

Packaging Items for Shipping

How to package loans for shipping via Canada Post.

Request Pickups from Canada Post  

Canada Post offers pickups for a fee, both scheduled or on-demand.  This service is not available everywhere -  learn more at “Request a Pickup."  Note that free pickup is only available for scheduled pickups for businesses that spend more than $15,000 a year on shipping

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