The Purpose

The purpose of the SOLS Trustee Councils is to provide:

  • A communication link between SOLS and boards about SOLS services.
  • A forum for sharing information and an opportunity to hear how other boards deal with similar issues.
  • Suggestions and support for trustee training.
  • A pool of trustees from which to elect members to the SOLS board.

Structure and Membership

Trustee Councils meet twice a year in eight locations. Each public library board is requested to appoint a representative to its area Council. The representative may not be an employee of the board and must meet the qualifications to be a library board trustee set out in Section 10 of the Public Libraries Act, Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1990, chapter P.44. In addition to the appointed representatives, other trustees are welcome and encouraged to attend.

While the library CEO and/or staff members may occasionally attend Trustee Council meetings, Trustee Councils are networking meetings for library board members. Any information shared at Trustee Council meetings that would be relevant to CEOs or staff will have already been provided at staff-focused networking or association meetings.
Agendas and Reports

Agendas are posted online and members are alerted by email that the agenda has been posted.  The agenda includes: SOLS Update, OLBA Update, FOPL update and Roundtable, and Issue Discussion. 

Elections to the SOLS Board

Once every four years, each Trustee Council elects one representative to sit on the SOLS Board. These representatives serve a four-year term.


Trustee Councils require no quorum and no formal motions during the meetings. Voting is limited to the election of the Trustee Council Chair and Vice-Chair and to elections of members to the SOLS Board. Only designated representatives in attendance at their own area Council are eligible to participate in elections to the SOLS Board.

SOLS supports the work of public library boards in Ontario in partnership with Ontario Library Service – North, the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries, the Ontario Library Board Association, and the Ontario Library Association. The provincial library partners are committed to excellence in library board governance.


Contact Us

For more information, please contact Anne Marie Madziak, Service Development Director